SEO content writing services

SEO content writing services


Do you need professional content written for your English language business website?

Let me help you with that.

I am an expert in writing website content that is:

  • clear, concise & well-structured
    > easy to understand for everyone
  • optimised/optimized for search engines
    > so your website gets found
  • engaging & persuasive
    > to turn visitors into customers
  • in correct English (UK or US spelling)
    > to leave a highly professional impression

My name is Micky Stuivenberg and I am an experienced web copywriter and SEO specialist.

I run an international SEO Web Content Writing business from my current base in Autralia, working for clients around the world. Originally from Europe, I have lived and worked in 6 countries on 4 continents.

Read more about me: Why hire me?

seo web content

web design

If you need more than just the words for your website, I can also create a new website for you and arrange your domain name and hosting in the appropriate country/countries.

All websites I create are fully optimised/optimized for SEO success. I use HTML/CSS or WordPress if you want a Content Management System (CMS).

Find out more about all my services on my original Content Writer website

professional web content:
why it’s so important

Professionally written SEO web content:

  • will make your website a success. It will attract visitors to your website and convince them of the benefits of your products or services to turn them into customers.

Poorly written, non-SEO web content:

  • makes your website a no-go zone. Can you afford to lose potential customers because they cannot find your website, or are turned off by the text on your site?

Having web content written in clear, perfect English is extremely important for the success of your website and for people to take your business seriously.


Do you reach your target market with your website?

I am a certified SEO who teaches SEO to students around the world, as well as a skilled international web copywriter and website editor.

Let me help you determine the most effective SEO keywords and phrases to target and then restructure, rewrite and optimise/optimize your website so your potential customers can find you.

website consultancy

Is your website not performing well, but you’re not sure why? I can evaluate your site and identify problems regarding design, content, structure, SEO, accessibility and usability. Let me perform a website review or hire me as a consultant.