beginners guide to SEO

beginners guide to SEO

META still counts: title tag

March 7th, 2010seo No comments

There are two important descriptive META tags: title and description. Title tag will affect page’s rankings and you should add important keywords and keyword phrases (ones for which you are trying to get high rankings) to the title of your page. But don’t overdo with it: keep title short and containing one-two keyword phrases, not dozen of them. Moreover, title will show in search results snippets. So it must be readable and informative.

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How to set up a website

October 25th, 2009seo No comments

If you are the very beginner in the site making, this article will help you to make first steps starting your own website. I am going to show all stages in detail: from choosing a proper domain name to promoting your resource. Also, in the current guide you will find many useful hints helping you not to step on rakes.

  • Step 1. Choosing a domain name
  • Step 2. Registering the domain name
  • Step 3. Hosting your website
  • Step 4. Linking domain and hosting
  • Step 5. Choosing a platform for your website
  • Step 6. Design
  • Step 7. Fill up your site with contents
  • Step 8. Promote your website

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